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Clubs with Heart is brought to you by SALT Sport and Life Training, and is a not for profit that is working to protect and enhance our clubs, to make them stronger and more resilient, respectful and compassionate.

A Time to Protect and Strengthen Our Clubs

Australia has 70,000 plus not for profit sporting clubs and an estimated 12.7M adults (15+ years) and 3.5M children involved in sporting clubs (Clearing House of Sport).

At this point in history, nearly a quarter of these clubs are in serious jeopardy or at threat of closure (The Age) after two years of disrupted operations, fixtures and activity.

Clubs play a critical role in our society, where people of all ages congregate, compete and celebrate.

our clubs need help, and this is our purpose

If local sporting clubs fail, an important community and social structure that encourages and cultivates healthy relationships, decision making, life skills and life choices will be compromised. The result will be young people that are disengaged, disconnected and potentially at risk.

The prospect of increasing club failure demands change. Learn more about becoming a Club with Heart.

the role of club

Sporting clubs are an ideal environment to teach people:

  • How to be courageous in all of life’s endeavours
  • To persist and endure when life becomes complicated and difficult
  • How to invest in personal self-care
  • To be generous in their care for other people

Unfortunately, many clubs have blind spots. It could be about respecting diversity, misuse of alcohol, hyper-masculinity, cliques that perpetuate negative behaviours, lack of care of volunteers and much more, including poor leadership. This can lead people to make poor decisions with significant and long-lasting consequences.

What if there was another way?

Never before have we needed positive sporting environments more than we do NOW.

Great sporting clubs:

  • Understand their blind spots, as well as their current strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognise that the ability to influence young lives is a gift
  • Take seriously their responsibility to be an influence for good.
  • Challenge themselves to develop an environment and culture that positively impacts on the lives of individuals and has a profound influence on families and communities.

A new ERA in Clubs

At clubs with heart, we believe

in the power of sporting clubs.

Clubs hold enormous potential to support the positive development of young people. They equip our young people with an incredible array of skills and competencies including:

  • A place to socialise with people their own age and of different ages
  • A place to learn about work ethic, self-control and self-awareness
  • A place to build self-esteem and confidence, along with important sport and life skills.

  • A place to develop courage, resilience, and also respect and care for others

we exist to assist

Clubs with Heart, by SALT, exists to assist sporting clubs to evolve into clubs that help young people to gather many competencies that contribute towards competitive greatness – not only in their sport of choice, but for life.

Clubs with Heart hold their club members responsible and accountable to address:

  • A win at any cost mentality
  • Overindulgence in risky and health-compromising activities
  • Outdated and inappropriate attitude and behaviours
  • Issues that have the potential to impact the emotional, physical and mental health of young lives

Every Community, Every Club, Everyone

Changing Lives, Empowering Clubs, Strengthening Communities.


We provide the information and knowledge needed, to ensure that people...


  • Making people aware of the choices they are making and the impact it has on themselves and others
  • Building capability and skill in how to step up and step in when someone else needs support
  • Learning how to manage complex situations with confidence and empathy


We provide clubs and people with clarity as to where responsibility resides...


  • How to step up when they see things that compromise their ability to achieve their goals and ambitions
  • Demonstrating courage and commitment to have the right conversations and to maintain agreed standards of behaviour


We set up structures and roles within the club to help and inspire...


  • Helping clubs to create and identity and remain clear and consistent in the important activities that will bring about competitive greatness
  • Inspire clubs with a vision and encourage all people to step and play a small role in helping the club achieve its ambitions

what we do

SALT’s Clubs with Heart offering provides a flexible range of products that both facilitate change and build the structures and skills necessary to become a recognised and validated Club with Heart.

Webinar Series - 6 Weeks 

The Clubs with Heart Webinar series provides an accessible way for key stakeholders from all types of sporting clubs to attend, learn and engage in a structured educational series.

The 6-week series is led by an approved and accredited SALT Clubs with Heart Facilitator and is supported by SALT’s full team.

The webinar series is engaging and impactful, drawing on SALT’s extensive experience and knowledge, having worked with hundreds of clubs in many different sporting codes.

A Club with Heart understands who they are and why they exist.

frequently asked questions

Find out answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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who can attend?

Clubs are encouraged to invite administration, operations, coaches, and players to participate in the series, recognising that it takes engagement with a range of club stakeholders to develop the focus and enthusiasm to become a Club with Heart.

how many can attend?

There is no limit on the number of club members who can attend.

what does it cost?

While this webinar series is valued at $1000 per club, we are often able to offer a reduced price thanks to our generous sponsors, such as our Foundation Partner the Bendigo Community Banks.

how do i register interest for my club?

Register your interest by filling in this form.

foundation partner

Register your interest to become a Club With Heart, or request more information.

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Become a Club with Heart over the course of 8 Webinars, where key people in your club will learn a new blueprint for the future of your club. 

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