Frequently asked questions

What is a Club with Heart?

A Club with Heart is a club that strives for competitive greatness. It wants to perform at the highest level and win, but it achieves this by firstly creating an environment of respect, support, care and resilience for its local and wider community.   

What is the Club with Heart model?

A Club with Heart aspires to create a new ERA through Education, Responsibility and Accountability. The club leadership team recognises the critically important role it plays in shaping the futures of those in the club community. It recognises that to affect these life changing impacts it needs to be courageous, resilient, respectful and connected, both on and off the field.

Why should we do this as a club?

Many clubs understand how important their role is in the lives of young people but are not always sure how to achieve their aspirations of being a place of fun, care and connection. Clubs with Heart understand that they need to develop the knowledge, structure, culture and skills to become a truly great club.

What should we do first?

We would recommend that you select a group of 4-8 likeminded people of influence to participate and commit to the next available Clubs with Heart webinar series. Contact SALT, register your interest and leave the rest to us.

How long does it last and how many sessions are there?

The Clubs with Heart webinar series is 6 sessions of 60 minutes conducted over 6 weeks.

What is the ideal size and make-up of the group who attend?

Clubs are encouraged to invite 4-8 people from administration, operations, coaches, players or emerging leaders to participate in the series, recognising that it takes engagement with a range of club stakeholders to develop the focus and enthusiasm to become a Club with Heart.

How much time would we need to commit to the Club with Heart process outside of the sessions?

There is no doubt that commitment is required. Apart from the webinar series, there are activities and conversations that need to occur between sessions. We estimate that this requires an additional commitment of 10-15 hours over the 6 weeks.

What happens if we can’t make it to a session?

We understand that life often gets in the way of these types of activities and though we would like everyone to be involved the entire time, this might not be possible. After each session we provide summary notes via our Club Pulse Newsletter and can, if needed, provide a copy of the webinar for people to listen to in their own time. Having said that, we strongly encourage participants to be wholly dedicated to the process.

Can we invite different people to attend different sessions?

Yes. We would recommend that you have a core group that goes through the entire process, but if there is a subject area of interest for others within the club, you can invite others to be involved.

How do I register interest for my club?

You will find an electronic form on this website. Fill out your details and we will be in touch shortly.

What are the outcomes of the Club with Heart process?

The Club with Heart process will begin the process of change but the implementation of the CWH model will require ongoing effort and enthusiasm. If you invest in a SALT membership, we will help you to design the strategy, set up the structures, implement the education and shape the culture over the following 2 years.

What are the major barriers to being successful in becoming a Club with Heart?

Some clubs have deeply ingrained attitudes and behaviours that are hard to shift. They could be about respecting diversity, misuse of alcohol, hyper-masculinity, cliques that perpetuate negative behaviours, lack of care of volunteers and much more, including poor leadership. Becoming a great club requires courage and commitment to an ideal and never compromising in the execution of the vision.

Do we get the Club with Heart process within our SALT Membership?

Yes. If you decide to become a SALT Membership club, the Clubs with Heart development process and webinar series is included in the membership.

What is the financial investment to become a Club with Heart?

It is a $1000 per club to enrol in the webinar series, but occasionally a sponsor, such as our major sponsor, Bendigo Bank, will provide funds for your club to attend. In this case, it would be a nominal fee for your club to be involved.

Can we measure the results within our specific club?

Yes. The Clubs with Heart measurement system is managed by SocialSuite. At the beginning of the process, we capture a range of data points as a baseline, addressing 4 key areas of club performance (knowledge, skills, structure, and culture), against which we have assigned 18 questions as the basis of successful measurement of outcomes.

What happens after we conclude the series?

You will be invited to continue working with us to implement the areas of growth that you will have identified as necessary during the seminar series. This may be through a membership package or through individual education units.

Is there some form of accreditation we receive at the end of the series?

Yes. We will provide you with a certificate to say that your club has completed the webinar series and that you are a club that is committed to becoming a Club with Heart.

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