Clubs with Heart Webinar Series

The Clubs with Heart Webinar series is an important pathway to becoming a Club with Heart.

Over the course of 8 Webinars, key people in your club will learn a new blueprint for the future of your club. 

Collaborative Webinar Series

Join with other clubs and sporting codes, both local and national, to explore how to create a great club.

Learn from each other’s successes and mistakes, provide, and receive feedback, reflect on the barriers and opportunities that could have beneficial and long-term impact on your club.

Above all, talk to people who do what you do, who share your aspirations and challenges and build relationships in a fun, engaging and educational environment.

Webinar Sessions

Session 1

Creating Clubs with Heart

In this session, we will identify what differentiates a ‘Club with Heart’ from other clubs. We will talk about the need to build purpose, unpack the philosophies, and develop the pillars of care, culture, courage, and resilience. We will learn what it takes to create an environment of competitive greatness, whilst building an environment of safety and care, one that will protect and develop the next generation.
Session 2

Creating the Story

In session 2, we will look at the importance of understanding your club’s current story. We will ask the question, where has your club come from and where is it heading? We need to develop an honest perspective of what we do well and what we need to work on, to create a future story that we can all be proud of. We need to understand the story that others tell about us and influence the story we want them to tell.
Session 3

Overcoming the Barriers

Every club needs to understand the barriers that are blocking their progress. Every club has standards that they accept and standards they won’t accept. What are the standards we walk past, the blind spots and unconscious bias that exist in our club? In session 2, we look to address the barriers positively and collectively.
Session 4

Acquiring the Knowledge we Need

Creating a new ERA in clubs involves an important component of education. If we are going to improve our performance, create the right culture and realise our potential, we need to understand and close our knowledge gaps. Having established our barriers, clubs must acquire the knowledge required to overcome them. The barriers are then dismantled with clarity, consistency, equality, and values-driven leadership.
Session 5

Building the Structures we Need

For the club to function effectively and deliver on its commitments, we need to understand the roles we need to fill, the people available to us, along with the skills and traits we are looking for. I this session will talk about the importance of structure, character and competency, and how to find the right people, place them in the right positions and empower them to be successful.
Session 6

Building the Leaders we Need

Great clubs need great leaders, committed to the aspirations of the club and steadfast in their commitment to ongoing improvement. Session 6 is about identifying and preparing everyone in the club to positively lead. We will look at six different leadership styles and identify why all of them can be effective when enacted by the right people at the right times.
Session 7

Building the Behaviours we Need

In Session 7, we look at behavioural expectations that reflect our club’s values and then holding ourselves and each other accountable to live these out consistently. Great clubs understand their brand and how that is reflected in what they do and how they do it. Great clubs call out misaligned behaviour and assist people to adjust to what is agreed and understood as being acceptable behaviours.
Session 8

Building Competitive Greatness

Finally, we need to compete, and great clubs understand that a winning culture is important within a sporting context. Ultimately, winning makes sport fun and we want people to enjoy themselves. In this session, we will look at how to build confidence, conditioning, skill, team spirit, initiative, passion, and communication. These attributes bring success, but are they built on the foundations of something simpler and more important?

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