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Clubs with Heart was established by SALT (Sport and Life Training), which is a for-purpose, not-for-profit, health education charity.

Our team is dedicated to creating sporting clubs and team environments that cater for both the competitive and personal development needs of young people through to older adults.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create ‘Clubs with Heart’ right across Australia. 

These will be club environments that provide and promote:

  • Physical and emotional safety for all people
  • Communities that are positive, competitive, resilient, and connected

We understand the importance and impact of sporting clubs – they are often the heart and soul of their communities. They bring together people that share a passion to excel and develop.

We aim to capitalise on the passion for excellence and development that exists in all types of sporting clubs – by providing the tools, systems and education that encourages personal growth, positive life choices and proactive care of others.

Our Objectives

  • To reduce the stigma around mental illness.
  • To increase help-seeking and peer-support behaviours.
  • To reduce suicide.
  • To facilitate conversations about important development areas, and to prevent poor behavioural choices and significant consequences.

Our education courses facilitate openness and broader acceptance of clubs playing a key role in improving mental health and overall wellness. 

We see our role as preventing behaviours that can contribute to languishing mental health, but additionally, we aim to empower people to flourish and thrive and achieve their absolute potential in life.

SALT Values

  • Integrity – Our words and our behaviours are an accurate reflection of who we are and the principles we stand for, individually and collectively.
  • Humility – We have pride in what we do and what we achieve, but we leave our egos at the door and actively serve each other.
  • Honesty – We speak the truth, we own our actions, and we offer feedback without fear or favour.
  • Respect – We invest into each other, recognising and enhancing the strengths, qualities, and achievements found in each member of the team.
  • Teamwork – We focus on each other’s needs, playing a role in helping others to realise their potential.

Clubs with Heart - Core Principles

  • They have an inspiring vision and a realistic road map for achievement.
  • Understand and discuss what is important to the club, and how to improve it.
  • Treat everyone involved as a member of a community, not as a supporter of a club.
  • Understand the club is a brand that stands for something, one that is recognized and respected.
  • Set behavioural expectations and trust in people’s ability and willingness to adhere. 
  • Empower their people.
  • Do not tolerate attitudes and behaviours that create conflict or disharmony.
  • Treat every individual as an equal. Be humble and respectful in all interactions.
  • Take pride in their history, reputation, their gear and facilities.
  • Strive for greatness in their sport, in a way that is focused, disciplined, respectful and strategic.
  • Have the right people, with the right character and competence, in the right roles, doing the right things.

Facilitating Team

SALT has a strong and developing team of 20+ facilitators, a growing number of program funding partners, as well as the support of many highly respected organisations. SALT’s vast experience in sporting clubs has helped inform the development and delivery of powerful and effective programs that are changing and saving lives. SALT’s mission is to help clubs to develop the environments within which children and adults work together with a united purpose to develop communities of care.

Measuring Clubs With Heart Impact

Measuring the progress and impact of Clubs with Heart at a club level is a critical component of our program. 

Keeping tabs on progress is both motivating and rewarding, and helps all parties to maintain forward momentum for ongoing change and improvement.

The Clubs with Heart measurement system is managed by SocialSuite. At the beginning of the process, we capture a range of data points as a baseline, that serve as a reality check of your club culture before we start.

The Clubs with Heart measurement process addresses 4 key areas of club performance (knowledge, skills, structure and culture), against which we have assigned 18 questions as the basis of successful measurement across all clubs. 

Clubs are then asked to revisit the same questions at 6 months, 12 months and on an ongoing basis for as long as your club remains involved in the program. The outcomes of this measurement process will inform your next steps, provide confidence in what you are doing and shape the narrative of your club becoming a Club with Heart with sponsors, players, administrators and your community. 

The team

Dave Burt

Founder and CEO

Dave Burt is the founder and CEO of SALT Sport and Life Training and co-author of the Clubs with Heart content. Over the years Dave has co-designed dozens of courses around wellbeing and mental health, culture and leadership, drugs and alcohol, healthy masculinity, respect and equality, sport and identity and  more.

Dave has a Masters Degree in Guidance and Welfare and was a successful sportsman in his day as well as a teacher, coach, counsellor and Chaplain.

Scott Angove

Lead Facilitator, Program and Presenter Development
I’m the SALT Lead Facilitator, as well as Program and Presenter Development. I’m inspired by connecting with people when they are being genuine, humble, and brave in sharing experiences is truly inspiring. Here is something odd, I spent many years in a caravan with a giraffe for a colleague, teaching kids about drug and health education.

Laura Yorke

Head of Women's and Girls Programs

I’m a mother of two and have worked in education for the past 13 years as a physical education (PE) teacher and sports coordinator. I am heavily involved in the sport of Athletics and am a team leader and head relay coach for our local athletics club. I am a middle-distance runner myself and I have had a lifelong passion for role modelling, educating and promoting the benefits of physical activity in a safe and supportive environment for young people with a primary focus on empowering women and girls.

Chris Crowe

Operations Manager
I am the Operations Manager, and I am one of those weird people who love a good spreadsheet. I love that SALT has the capacity to have a real impact on real people in real time, making a big difference.

Karen Myers

Clubs Liaison Officer

An experienced administrator with knowledge from teaching, coaching, sports administration, and 10 years co-owning/operating a small family business. My sports journey includes pivotal roles at Gymnastics Australia as Sports Director and Equestrian Australia as a Sports Services Officer, offering insight into the multifaceted world of sportsWith two sport-loving children, I've been deeply involved in club committees, gaining a profound appreciation for the vital work of volunteers.

Sheree Spiteri

SALT Facilitator
Shez has always been passionate about people and making women feel great about themselves. Her passion for empowering women led her and a friend to start a company dedicated to empowering women in regional communities.
As a SALT Facilitator, Shez works with parents, players, and club members to foster personal development both on and off the field.

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